Janice Kutzner

Fine Art Portraits

Pets, Wildlife & People Artist


My name is Janice Kutzner and I am a self taught artist living in Surrey, in the UK. As an artist I specialise in realistic, highly detailed pastel portraits of pets, animals and people. I work with great care and precision to ensure every detail is captured faithfully and creating each portrait is a time-consuming process that requires many hours of work. As an animal enthusiast, I have a deep affection for these creatures and even own three cats of my own. In fact, I entered a portrait that I drew of one of my cats into the prestigious SAA Artist of the Year 2021 competition, and I was thrilled to be awarded the Supporting Artist of the Year 2021 Award!
My portraits go beyond just being a mere photo; they have the power to immortalise a moment in time, preserving the memory of cherished individuals both past and present. These portraits will be treasured for a lifetime, and they make for exceptional and distinctive gifts for special occasions, infusing a space with character and warmth, while also instilling a sense of pride.
I have drawn many different breeds of dogs, cats and horses for people all over the world and I am looking forward to drawing many more!
If you have any questions what so ever please don't hesitate to contact me.

I have now been accepted as an official member of
The International Guild of Realism



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